Tim Sackett shares The Top 20 Branded HR and Talent Pros: Meet Arie Ball From Sodexo

Tim Sackett Tim Sackett, Worldwide FOT

I’m not really sure where Employment Branding started, who the first company was, etc. What I know is one person pushed Employment Branding over the edge and made it cool!  That person was Arie Ball, the Vice President of Talent Acquisition at Sodexo.  That is one major reason Arie was selected to the list of the Top 20 Branded HR and Talent Pros in the world!

Sodexo isn’t sexy.  There is nothing about their jobs that are sexy. But, Arie and her team found a way to make Sodexo sexy as an employment brand! She showed all these other companies how to do it, when no one knew how to do it! Arie took over TA for Sodexo eleven years ago, and started doing things no one in the industry was doing from a branding perspective.

Here is Arie Ball’s player card:

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