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Cara Lucas This Week in HR

Welcome back to another week with your favorite blogging team! Check out these 5 must-reads before you get your Monday started.What Happens to Your Brain When You Negotiate About Money

1.WOW, Google’s Simple Just-In-Time Checklist Improves Onboarding Results By 25%: Google found that a simple reminder alert email sent to the hiring manager the Sunday before the new hire starts can reduce new hire time to productivity by a full month, a whopping 25 percent faster.

2. How Failed JC Penny CEO Ron Johnson Is Redeeming Himself With Enjoy: Most tech company founders are coolly rational engineers; Johnson is a marketing guy with strong emotions and a penchant for showmanship.

3. ‘Good’ Jobs Aren’t Coming Back: In the last several years some American companies have moved their operations back to the states, but the resulting factory work isn’t providing the prosperity and security that such work once did.

4. 25 great jobs that let you have a life outside of work: Think it’s impossible to find a well-paid job that allows you a life outside of work? Think again. There are plenty, even in the tech sector.

5. Assessment: Does Your Team Think Digitally?: We all know it’s important to be “digital” in today’s marketplace—but what does that mean?

Have a great week, FOT Nation!

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