Laurie Ruettimann explains The Mending Pile Of Your Life

Laurie Ruettimann Worldwide FOT

I pulled my husband’s favorite shirt out of the dryer, and it had a big hole in the armpit.

I said, “Looks like this shirt needs to go into the mending pile.”

I always have a small pile of clothes — socks, shirts, pajamas — that need a little TLC. I’m not a natural seamstress, and I need glasses to see clearly, but I can repair a button or stitch a ripped hemline.

I keep my mending pile because I don’t see clothing as disposable. If I’m spending money on a skirt or running clothes, the effort to repair the damage is worth it.

I don’t know about you, but I also have a mending pile for my life.

Sometimes personal and professional relationships go south. I’m not always the first to extend an olive branch, but I do reflect on how and why connections fall apart. Sometimes there are very specific reasons why I’m no longer on good terms with a former friend or colleague. Sometimes it’s just a series of unfortunate circumstances.

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