Paul Hebert shares Crap On Recognition – #SMDH

Paul Hebert Worldwide FOT

Normally I let articles in the mainstream media that are patently incorrect slide by. There’s just too many of them for me to waste my time trying to correct the idiocy that passes for business journalism in today’s world. It seems to be more prevalent with articles that address the psychology of motivation and engagement than in other places. People assume because they know what motivates them, and what engages them, then they are experts on what engages and motivates everyone else.

That simply is not true. Let me say this again: What motivates you has absolutely no bearing on what motivates somebody else. Go back and read that again. And then read it again.

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Paul Hebert

Paul Hebert is Vice President of Individual Performance Strategy at Creative Group Inc, writer, speaker and consultant. Paul focuses on influencing behaviors and driving business results through employees, channel partners and consumers. He is dedicated to creating true emotional connections often overlooked in our automated, tech-enabled world. Using proven motivational theory, behavioral economics and social psychology he has driven extraordinary company performance for his clients. Paul is widely considered an expert on motivation, incentives, and engagement.