5 Things You Should Know This Week

Cara Lucas Cara Lucas, This Week in HR

Welcome back to another great week with your favorite blogging team! Here are 5 things you need to know to get your week started:

1.The Best Employment Brands (Spoiler Alert: Google Didn’t Rank No. 1!): The 2015 Fortune 500 Top 100 Employment Brands Report is here, and filled with a quite a few surprises.

2. Farewell to America’s Middle Class: Unions Are Basically Dead: The U.S. is one of the only rich countries that has reached the (incorrect) conclusion that organizing workers is counterproductive.

3. If you want to get a bigger salary and expand your skill set, this is the programming language you should learn: Coding is cool. We don’t know how it happened, but in 2015 it’s a fact. Even Chris Bosh, arguably a top ten forward in the NBA with an annual salary of over $22 million, thinks everybody should learn to code.

4. The Purpose-Driven Workforce Is 42 Million Strong: Employees motivated by a desire to make a difference do better work. Do they exist in your field?

5. Watch a documentary that follows high school girls solving the world’s problems through code: Documentary film-maker Lesley Chilcott teamed up with Google’s Made with Code initiative to premiere a film about a school-girl app building competition on YouTube this weekend.

Have a great Monday, FOT Nation!