Dawn Burke asks Leaders, Want Some Humble Pie? Record Yourself on #fistfuloftalent

Dawn Burke Worldwide FOT

Good leaders > Get Over Yourselves.  If you get out of your head, you can nurtureothers.  So…

Since my blog is about real.life.hr – I thought I’d start this fire sharing a little humble pie.  If you read my stuff you likely know I think great leaders model vulnerability.  I can think of nothing that makes a person feel more vulnerable than the video title screen that “magically” pops up when you post something on youtube or vimeo.  You always come out like a you were a glich in the Matrix, A Picasso with all your facial features on one side of your face or your ugly stick just got broke over your head.

A little background.  I have the pleasure of hosting “No Scrubs” on Fistful of Talent(sponsored by Chequed.com; Thank you Dan Houtz!).  It’s a videocast put on once a month to discuss cool practices, good ideas, and bad ideas around talent acquisition in particular.  Since there are so many cool folks on the show I thought I would start rebroadcast this year’s episodes on dawnhburke.com too.  More to come on that!

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