Dawn Burke asks Leaders, Want Some Humble Pie? Record Yourself on #fistfuloftalent

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Good leaders > Get Over Yourselves.  If you get out of your head, you can nurtureothers.  So…

Since my blog is about real.life.hr – I thought I’d start this fire sharing a little humble pie.  If you read my stuff you likely know I think great leaders model vulnerability.  I can think of nothing that makes a person feel more vulnerable than the video title screen that “magically” pops up when you post something on youtube or vimeo.  You always come out like a you were a glich in the Matrix, A Picasso with all your facial features on one side of your face or your ugly stick just got broke over your head.

A little background.  I have the pleasure of hosting “No Scrubs” on Fistful of Talent(sponsored by Chequed.com; Thank you Dan Houtz!).  It’s a videocast put on once a month to discuss cool practices, good ideas, and bad ideas around talent acquisition in particular.  Since there are so many cool folks on the show I thought I would start rebroadcast this year’s episodes on dawnhburke.com too.  More to come on that!

Read the whole post over at Dawn H. Burke (an FOT contributor blog). 

Dawn Burke

Dawn Burke, founder/advisor for Dawn Burke HR, is an HR leader, speaker and writer specializing in new HR practices, engagement and workplace culture. Her HR/leadership career has spanned the last 20 years, most recently serving as VP of People for Birmingham, AL’s award-winning technology company, Daxko (And yes, Kris Dunn and Dawn are making Bham the HR capital of the world! Who knew?). You can also check her out at DawnHBurke.com and a variety of other interesting places. Google her, it’ll keep you posted on what she is up to.