2015 Wrap Up: 5 FOT Blogs You Should Read Before Next Year

Cara Lucas Cara Lucas, Uncategorized

Welcome back to another Monday, FOT Nation! We hope you had a great holiday and are gearing up for the final push of the year. We’re kicking off the last week in 2015 with some of this year’s most talked-about posts here at FOT. Enjoy!

1. The Holy Grail Of Performance Management? I Think It’s Performance vs. Potential:I know—Holy Grail is a strong word, but I think it fits when it comes to the Performance vs. Potential matrix, also known by some as the 9-Box Grid.

2. Stop Doing Stupid Things: HR and Talent Edition: There are plenty of opportunities in HR and Talent to create time and space to concentrate on hard things by spending less time and effort on things that are or should be easy.

3. The Rules of HR Club: I’m putting the new Rules of HR CLUB here to put a stake in the ground and hopefully drive more positive and affirming commentary in the blogosphere about HR and the people who work hard to make their profession better each day.

4. 5 Simple Strategies To Stop Sucking At Sourcing: Sourcing is one of those skill sets that you continue to use even after you leave recruiting—and just as relevant if your new job, like mine, involves generating marketing-qualified leads.

5. Employment Branding: The Maker Vs. The Manager: I recently rediscovered Paul Graham’s classic 2009 essay, “Maker’s Schedule, Manager’s Schedule,” and it’s making me reevaluate how I approach my work.

Have a great rest of the year, everyone!