It’s SHRM Membership Renewal Time!

Laurie Ruettimann Laurie Ruettimann, SHRM

Hey, everybody. It’s SHRM membership renewal time!

I just renewed my SHRM membership solely because I like Steve Browne, a newly coronated elected board member.

My membership lapsed back in 2013 because my employer, LFR LLC, doesn’t reimburse employees for dues. My CEO doesn’t feel like the membership adds a lot of value to our organization, either. But I never listen to my simple-minded CEO because I’m an optimist. HR has a bright future, and SHRM is at the center of an important conversation about work, power, politics and money.

So I went online and tried to renew my lapsed membership using my old log-in credentials. Unfortunately, my old credit card had expired. SHRM isn’t a business like Zappos or Apple. I couldn’t just update my credit card number in their e-commerce system. I had to call a customer service representative to complete my transaction.

It took a few days, but I finally got around to calling SHRM during my lunch hour while shoving Panera Bread’s awesome squash soup in my mouth. Yummy. That soup is amazing, by the way. It should be on the menu all-year-round. I love a soup option that’s vegetarian, doesn’t taste too salty, and leaves me feeling like I ate truly something for lunch.

Anyway, I called SHRM over lunch. The process of taking my credit card number went smoothly. Too smoothly, if you know what I mean. They know how to process cash and credit card numbers as long as it’s not on the internet. Maybe my dues can be used to update their e-commerce system!

Speaking of paying my dues, I’ve been receiving SHRM membership discounts in the mail. If I renew my membership before 12/31, I qualify for everything from a $20 gift card to Amazon through a new tote bag. While trying to renew my membership online, I had a code for $20 off my membership on my desk. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it while I was on the phone. I asked the customer service representative to cut me a break because it’s Christmas.

He said, “Ma’am, I can’t just make up codes.”

Got to admire his commitment to the script, right? Wouldn’t want him to improvise or anything, yeah? I just collapsed like a cheese-eating surrender monkey and paid full price, which is $190.

So it’s official. Welcome back into my life, SHRM! Feels pretty good. Should I go to the conference? Maybe do some local SHRM events? I don’t know. My professional life seems full of opportunities, right now. Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?

It’s a new year. I am open to any and all possibilities related to SHRM.