The Post and Pray Podcast: To Land Top Talent, You’ve Got To Tell The Story. #ChooseATL

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The word “choice” plays an active role in today’s guest’s mission to attract top talent to the Atlanta area. Aptly named ChooseATL, the organization’s Vice-President, Kate Atwood, capitalizes on our on-demand society as she markets Atlanta to worldwide talent, beginning with–what else–the campaign’s very name. #notacoincedence

If you take a look at their website, you’ll peruse Atlanta’s open jobs with various industries and company sizes… an impressive amount of southern opportunity is represented! But it’s way more than a job board–they’ve got content choices to engage with, from updates on The Ultimate Job Interview contest to individual profiles on top Atlanta professionals.

Whether you’re using this story-centric strategy to appeal to city transplants or top talent for your own company (or both, as you should be), there’s a commonality at play in getting the attention of top talent: your efforts to attract people must be varied in nature, they must be intriguing, they must be dynamic, they must tell a story and they must not suck.

Listen below to hear our host, Holland Dombeck McCue, follow up on her post here with a lively conversation with ChooseATL‘s very own Kate Atwood.

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Host: Holland Dombeck

Guest: Kate Atwood

Producer: Julia Lindsey

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