Today is #GivingTuesday

Laurie Ruettimann Change, Corporate Social Responsibility, Current Affairs, HR

Remember how you ate a bunch of food last week and then went out and bought a bunch of junk for family members who don’t love you during the holiday season and won’t remember what you gave them for Christmas?

Well, it’s time to make amends for your poor judgment. Today is Giving Tuesday, which is an American day of charitable donation at the start of the holiday season. You should go online and make a bunch of small donations to qualified charities who align with your core values.

If you work in human resources and recruiting, here are some ideas.

We all agree that the tragedy in Colorado Springs last week was horrific. Far too many of us get caught up in conversations about fetuses, and we don’t talk about what happens when a child is born in our society. Furthermore, HR departments sit at the intersection of politically divisive topics: equal pay legislation, health and benefits plans that include (or illegally exclude or charge for) contraception, time off programs, and policies related to the health and well-being of new mothers and fathers. If you’re committed to healthy families, look to your local communities and support programs that nurture, feed, and shelter those who need a helping hand.

When I lived in Chicago, I discovered a charity called New Moms.

“In 1983, our founder, Ellen Kogstad Thompson, noticed a growing problem in her neighborhood—teen moms with nowhere to call home, and no way to fund the expenses of their newborn children. She purchased some diapers and formula and began distributing them from the trunk of her car. Nearly 30 years later, New Moms’ programming has developed as the result of organic growth, based on the evolving needs of these young families.”

I’m sure New Moms would appreciate a #GivingTuesday donation so you can set up moms, dads, partners, children, grandparents for emotional and economic success.

Now, many of us in HR and recruiting are pestered by the SHRM Foundation on a regular basis. I’m not clear on their mission, anymore, but I think they offer scholarships for people who want to study HR in college. Pffft.

Student loan debt is a national crime. Anyone who encourages you to acquire debt to study HR is a felon. While a college degree sets you up for success in life, and the unemployment rate for college graduates is always better than those who don’t have a four-year degree, a degree in HR is nearly worthless.

Scholarship America is a fabulous organization making college a reality for many citizens. They are right in the middle of the fight for FAFSA reform, and they are helping to make two years of free college a reality for American students. If you have to take on some debt, Scholarship America wants you to be a more informed consumer of your student loan debt.

“Our mission is to make postsecondary education success possible for all students, and our goal is to help 750,000 students complete their education beyond high school with manageable debt by 2025.”

Scholarship America deserves a #GivingTuesday donation.

Finally, there are so many of us who drop a few pennies at The Salvation Army kettle on a regular basis. I stopped dropping pennies a few years ago because there was some serious homophobic stuff happening at that church. To be fair, The Salvation Army has evolved and isn’t as outright homophobic, anymore. However, they still won’t perform same-sex marriages within their church.

I work in the HR industry, where diversity and inclusion are necessary. I want my not-for-profits to align with my corporate values, which is why I skip the red kettles and donate to local food banks during the holiday season.

The Feeding America network of food banks is leading the fight against hunger in communities nationwide. You can donate to their organization, or find a local food bank and make a donation directly.

You don’t need to navigate politics when donating to Feeding America, and you can feel good about making a difference on #GivingTuesday.

So, hey, hi. Still with me? I hope those charities help you make amends for your gluttonous behaviors on Thanksgiving. And remember there’s a comments section below, so I’d love to learn about where you are donating on #GivingTuesday!