Why Is Boolean Still Important?

Kelly Dingee HR, HR Tech, HR Technology, Kelly Dingee, Sourcing

I recently did a webinar on boolean, and someone asked me why wouldn’t I just use keywords versus employing boolean operators?

Well… would you like to find a haystack with a needle in it or would you like to find the needle in the haystack?

That’s why boolean is important. The logic of boolean is vastly important; understanding the order of operations and the order of your keywords and the results they will return is important. There is a massive amount of data at our fingertips and finding the right data—the appropriate data—is on us. We don’t all think the same; there is no required dropdown boxes to fill in when uploading information to the worldwide web.

Believe me, I’m the last person that should be telling you this. I hated Algebra in high school.

But leveraging operators, beyond keywords, is the key. You can hunt for a roster, but looking for a roster with filetype:pdf or ext:pdf focuses your results. If you want to target a specific company, do you just search for that company and keywords for your candidate or do you use the site: command to scan the domain for that employee?

I know I’m not the only one that gets this. I’m kind of excited to see that Irina Shamaeva is releasing a new publication “300 Best Boolean Strings” in January. It could be really interesting to see how her mind works and the strings she creates. It could be the jumpstart on many a sourcing strategy. At the very least it’s behooving me to index all of my search strings by job (because yes, we do save all of them) to have as a handy reference point in the future.