What Happens When An Old School Sourcer Returns To The Game?

Kelly Dingee HR, Kelly Dingee, Sourcing

I don’t get to listen to the Recruiting Animal Show has often as I like, but I try to catch it whenever the guest is sourcing-focused.  On January 6th (link to the show here), the guest featured was Jeremy Langhans.  I’m a bit of a fan when it comes to Jeremy, having seen him speak at one of the many recruiting conferences done. I think his career in sourcing, recruiting, HR and branding has been so interesting to watch.  Especially as he’s transitioned from contractor to corporate to entrepreneur.  After a few years away from sourcing, he’s now back, with his own firm, PairedSourcing. Listen to the show to hear the full details on his new venture.  Also listen to the show to pick up some interesting discussion points for recruiting and it’s relationship with sourcing in 2016.

Points like…

  • Jer is surviving very well with a free LinkedIn Recruiter account. I recently had a chat with a local Talent Director that said she wanted to source anywhere but there. I found that interesting as it’s like shooting fish in a barrel, especially for major metro areas. And do you really just want to walk away from that and leave it all to your competition? Especially if you have an awesome brand?  I think no.  Jer says LinkedIn Recruiter is great if you have a massive corporate team but if you don’t, it’s a lot of bells and whistles you won’t use to its full capability. Keep in mind Jer is a master networker and has been at amazing organizations like Cisco, Starbucks, Expedia and so on… he has a network to leverage.
  • He’s revisiting classic boolean – filetype: can be gold for name generation.  There’s been debate if boolean search is necessary, if indeed not completely dead.  To be honest, the dinosaurs of sourcing—those that started in the 90s—are completely cool with you poo-pooing it… we’ll keep using it.  When the chips are down and budgets are tight, being able to quickly extract data (i.e. names and profile information) online is HUGE.  Being too broad in your inquiries will not lead you to the needle in the haystack you’re seeking.
  • If he had unlimited funds, Jer would pick up Entelo.  It’s definitely friendly to tech recruiting.  And… recruiting profile/resume databases are excellent and fast resources to dive into.  No recruiting snobbery here; if you can pay for tools and use them… they’re the worth the investment.  I think he might like Connectifier, too. It’s a bit pricey for my liking but it will allow you to see a vast amount of profiles and export them to upload to your ATS (in spreadsheet form). Nothing like a high volume resource that is conscientious of the uploading process to an ATS.
  • It’s all about speed. His firm has a guaranteed commitment of a certain number of candidates with contact info in 2 weeks.  That means he’s not fooling around—speed, accuracy and quality reign supreme.
  • Growth means either acquiring tools or people. Choices will need to be made. And for sourcing managers, it’s easy to go for tools because there’s so many bright shiny ones out there. But you have to choose wisely. What actually saves time? Saves money? Is it team friendly? And… if it sucks… can you cancel it?

And there’s more… so much more. Hopefully it will be fun to watch as Jer takes on the world with PairedSourcing. We will all probably learn a thing or two!