5 Things You Should Know This Week

Cara Lucas The HR Profession, This Week in HR

Welcome back to another week with your favorite blogging team! Get your morning started with these 5 must-reads:

1.Corporations Want Love (and Free Marketing on Instagram): Companies once asked only their employees to feign heartfelt devotion to their products. Now their customers are expected to do so too.

2. Five Execs Leave Twitter: Five major executives abruptly left Twitter in a surprising Sunday-night shakeup.

3. How to Decide What Skill to Work On Next: How do you identify the areas in which development efforts will yield the best return on your investment?

4. What I Learned When I Tried To Be Authentic At Work: A fascinating study by Deloitte found that more than half of us cover up some part of our identity at work to try to fit in—underrepresented groups feeling the most pressure of all to “cover” aspects of themselves.

5. Look How Much Snow Fell on the Northeast This Weekend: Sometimes, words simply can’t do justice to the magnitude of a meteorological event. You need images taken from 250 miles up.

Have a great week, FOT Nation!