Employee Experience vs. Candidate Experience

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If 2015 taught us anything as HR and Talent Pros it’s that you better be minding your candidate experience!  I mean, you couldn’t open an article or blog post without hearing why CE was so important, and how you were failing at it. I think we’ve completely killed candidate experience. Is there really anything left to say about it? It’s important. You can do it better. Work on that. Done.

In 2016, I think we’ll begin to see the pendulum start to swing back to our employees. Yeah! Remember those folks? Turns out, your employee experience is pretty important, too!

“Oh wait, did he just do what I think he did?”

Employee experience? What the hell is employee experience? Isn’t that just employee engagement from 2014?

I like to believe that “Employee Experience” takes “Employee Engagement” to the next level.  Listen up, consultants. This will be your new snake oil for 2016!

Employee experience (EE) is what Rod in the movie Jerry Maguire calls the “Quan“. It’s about helping our employees see the full experience they are receiving from the company, the job, the relationships, the learning, etc. It’s not just about getting them all motivated and buying into hype about what we are doing…

Employee experience is more holistic in the view of what the organization is providing to all employees. Where engagement is failing is trying to get all employees engaged by using a fairly narrow approach in trying to raise up all employees. This is nearly impossible and extremely hard to maintain. EE is delivering a consistent experience for all employees, and finding people who want the same experience that you can deliver.

Sounds really similar to candidate experience doesn’t it? Employee experience is candidate experience for your employees!

It’s delivering a consistent experience that each and every person can count on, almost every time. You will have outliers. We can’t stop those, and we shouldn’t. You will have some employees who won’t like the EE you provide. That is exactly what you want. You want those employees to self-select out. You will have employees who love the EE you provide.

Your only job in life is to find more talented people who love your EE.

So, it’s not really employee experience vs. candidate experience.

It’s employee experience AND candidate experience. Both are critical to your organizational success.  You need to be really good at both to be a great organization. Great candidates are more likely to make great employees. Great employees make great organizations. Great employees only stay at organizations that offer them a full employee experience.


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