Pink Mustaches & Employee Appreciation: Employment Branding Lessons From The Share Economy

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In the ride-sharing economy, I’m a Lyft loyalist. I find the drivers to be polite, knowledgeable about my city and I really dig the glowing pink mustaches in their cars. I’ve never given a Lyft driver less than five stars, so I was delighted when the below email hit my inbox.

lyft letter

What I like about this letter:

  1. John and Logan market their employer brand to attract people to their consumer brand. While price is certainly a factor in service selection (and they are sure to call out affordability directly in the second paragraph) they highlight what truly makes Lyft stand out from their competition, which is the people who work for them.

“In addition to affordability, we know you choose Lyft because of the country’s best community of drivers who power our movement.”

  1. The Lyft founders have created a hashtag to curate positive press. In an industry dominated by stories about unfair wages and unions, it’s easy for a company’s employer brand to become tarnished. People are also quick to take to their social platform of choice and complain about subpar service, only adding fuel to your damaged brand fire; no one wants to work in a thankless job. #ThankYourLfytDriver plays on many fronts, but specifically highlights that being a Lyft driver in the share economy has an upside, and that the people who use Lyft truly appreciate the cogs in the greater machine.
  1. They play to a higher cause and in turn, generate a community of [unknowing] employer brand ambassadors.

With your help, we’ll continue empowering a movement that demonstrates how community can solve the greatest challenges of our time.

This sentence is the gentle, yet firm, embrace after an already heartfelt letter. What challenges are they solving, exactly? Well, that’s a little open-ended… But nonetheless, this closing makes you feel something. And because you’re now an “insider” in this Lyft community, you’re going to do your part and thank your Lyft driver on social media.

Have a great weekend, FOT Nation! And if you imbibe, give my pals at Lyft a try…