5 Things You Should Know This Week

Cara Lucas Cara Lucas, This Week in HR

Welcome back to another great week with your favorite blogging team! Check out these 5 must-reads to get your Monday started right:

1.Starbucks the Benevolent?: What would compel a massive company to start helping its employees pay rent and attend college?

2. Pinterest Produces Amazing Diversity Results … Using Proactive Targeted Referrals: By focusing on one type of diversity referral program, within six weeks a firm can dramatically turn around its diversity recruiting … to the point of, for engineering jobs, “a 55-fold increase in the percentage of candidates from underrepresented ethnic backgrounds” and a “24 percent increase in women applicants.”

3. The most-mentioned brand on Twitter during the Super Bowl didn’t even advertise on TV during the game: Esurance was the most-mentioned brand on Twitter during Super Bowl 50 — yet it didn’t even advertise during the big game.

4. Excessive Sitting Could Shorten Your Life. Engineer Activity Into Your Routine Today.: Sitting may be the most underrated health threat of this generation. It subtly erodes people’s health over time. On a global level, inactivitymay kill more people than cigarettes.

5. The Best And The Worst Of Super Bowl Ads: Sometimes it’s better to leave more to the imagination. That’s the thought I’m left with after watching all of the ads that aired in CBS’ Super Bowl broadcast Sunday night.

Have a great week!