Kris Dunn asks Are “A” Players Repelled by Large Concentrations of “A” Players at Your Company?

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Capitalist Note: Argued with someone about speaking the truth to their CEO about the reality of recruiting all “A” players yesterday, so this one is going back up…

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You want “A” players in your company, right?  We all do, even to the extent we make generalizations about having all “A” players, even though that is impossible for a couple of different reasons.  First, few companies can aggregate and sign all “A” players.  It’s a recruiting and economics issue.  Next, even if you had all “A” players, logic would suggest that to stretch them, you’d raise the bar on performance expectations, because you’re a puppet-master architect, right?

Well, don’t worry about it.  Watch the video relative to performance from Malcolm Gladwell.

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