Would You Hire Any Of The Presidential Candidates For Your Company?

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FOT Nation! I’m trying out a new app called Anchor.FM today. Anchor was one of the hottest stories to come out of this year’s SXSW and so far it looks like a fun way to drive conversations around a topic.

It’s pretty simple. Download Anchor.fm to your iPhone (not Android app yet). Follow me. Then you can actually respond back with your opinion on my question and ideas of that question. I have two minutes to lay out my premise. You have one minute to respond.

You don’t have to respond—you can just listen to me and others discuss great topics in HR and Talent Acquisition.

Here’s my first—take a listen!

Tim Sackett

If you Google “Tim Sackett” you’ll find our Tim, and a truck driver chaplain. Our Tim is NOT the truck driver chaplain, although how awesome would that be if he was!? He is a prolific writer in the HR and TA space who just happens to also run an Engineering and IT contract staffing agency (HRU Technical Resources) out of Michigan. He also writes every day at his own blog, the Tim Sackett Project. Weirdly, he’s known as an expert in workplace hugging, which was kind of cool years ago, but now seems painfully creepy, but we still love him and he’s fairly harmless. Tim is also on the board of the Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals (ATAP), lifetime Michigan State Spartan fan, husband to a Hall of Fame wife, 3 sons, and his best friend Scout. He also wrote a book with SHRM called The Talent Fix, you can find it on Amazon.