Swipe Right: The Most Attractive Job Titles According to Tinder

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Tinder—the wildly popular dating app—rolled out the ability to add job titles and education to user profiles last November, layering another data point onto their algorithm to help serve up potential love matches to subscribers. Well, the initial results are in, and Tinder has released a list of the jobs that users are swiping right on (aka expressing interest in) most often:


The list (above) was compiled based on the occupations of user profiles that received the highest ratio of right swipes from November 2015 through January 2016.

What do I find interesting about this list?

1) Founder/Entrepreneur is among the top three swiped titles for both men and women. Translation: The explosion of the gig economy is attractive to Tinder’s Gen Y and Gen Z user base. Does your traffic data support this idea? Mine does. My Indeed click-by-title report and Google Analytics both show that “part-time,” “flexible” and “virtual” are all keywords driving traffic to my career site.

2) Traditional careers are still sexy! That’s right… Pilots, Doctors, Teachers, Pharmacists and Interior Designers—you all made the top ten. Don’t let all those employment branding micro campaigns focused on girls who code and IT get you down; you’ve still got it going on!

3) Someone in my network is going to pen a piece about recruiting on Tinder. This one is less exciting,  but believe me, that blog post is coming. The intersection of dating apps and recruiting is not new. Remember, EHarmony announced last June that they were breaking into the recruiting space and The Ladders rolled out a recruiting app with the same swiping features as Tinder’s dating app. However, both fell a little flat after their initial round of press coverage. Could Tinder’s new integrated jobs feature finally provide recruiting technology with the right fodder to crack the careers-matching app code? We’ll have to wait and see what the pundits come up with…

Bummed that HR/recruiting didn’t make the cut? Tinder is currently hiring a Head of People—apply today and change the game.

Happy hump day, FOT Nation!