5 Things You Should Know This Week

Cara Lucas Recruiting

Welcome back to another week with your favorite blogging team! Get your morning started with these 5 must-reads:

1.The Biggest Mistake In Employer Branding — Failing To Measure The Business Impacts Of Employer Branding: The most important omission in EB by far is leaving out metrics that cover business impacts.

2. 100 CEOs Have More Saved Up for Retirement Than 41 Percent of U.S. Families Combined: It’s stunning, but given the state of America’s 401(k)s, it’s not terribly surprising.

3. Why Certain Facebook Friends Can Boost Your Chance Of Landing A New Job: A new study reveals that sometimes “weak” connections can be the most important when it comes to getting a referral to your next employer.

4. Great Innovators Create the Future, Manage the Present, and Selectively Forget the Past: For a long time, I have been troubled to see how often organizations fail to invest wisely in their futures while instead placing dominant emphasis on the present.

5. Why Automated Texting Should Be A Part Of Your Sourcing Strategy: Building a better mobile recruitment strategy is an important step toward crafting the ultimate talent pool, and SMS automation software is arguably the very best way to do it.

Have a great week!