AVERAGE RESULTS: The Problem Is Probably You – Not Your Employee…

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned in a career of being a manager/coach (both in corporate America and in sports), it’s that when I’m not satisfied with the results I’m getting, I almost always should have changed what I was doing earlier.

Flat results + doing the same thing = more flat results.

Why do we keep doing the same things even though we see diminishing results?  That’s easy to answer – because the way we are doing it has a history of being successful.  You got great results doing it the way you’ve been doing it.  You go through a rough patch and you’re sure that it will turn around.  Except it doesn’t.

What changed?  You’ve got a changing environment around you – the situation is different, the competition is different, people with influence showed up and are changing the way people listen to you, etc.

It’s easy to point to your employees from a performance perspective – and to be sure, employees can go up and down related to the effort they give, their engagement levels, etc.  Some of those things are out of your control as a manager, but you have the ability to interrupt the pattern when things get flat.

But, you keep doing it the way you’ve done it before.  Damn them all to hell – it worked before, it can work again.

Except sometimes it can’t.  And if you’re like me and do an ex-post facto review of “what happened,” you’ll look at yourself and be critical that you didn’t react to the circumstances better.

You should have changed what you were doing earlier.  As soon as you felt the flat results, you should have started tweaking.

Do yourself and your employees a favor today.  Don’t try and power through bad results doing things the same way.

Change it up and see what happens.  You’ll be glad you did.

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