Paul Hebert says Old MacDonald Had a Farm – Then Became an Employee Engagement Guru

Paul Hebert Worldwide FOT

Except for honey badgers and wolverines – those are some bad-ass animals. I’m cool if someone said I was like a honey badger or wolverine.

But what about cows? Do you like being compared to a cow? Don’t we all? Why else would people write about treating employees like cows? You’ve seen it. You know the mantra: contented cows give more milk. Contented cows give more milk ergo contented employees give more work. Create contented employees and you get more output with very little if any additional input.

This is the thinking that is being passed off as management advice in our world today. This is what we are sharing, tweeting, blogging about.

Contented freakin cows.


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Paul Hebert

Paul Hebert is Vice President of Individual Performance Strategy at Creative Group Inc, writer, speaker and consultant. Paul focuses on influencing behaviors and driving business results through employees, channel partners and consumers. He is dedicated to creating true emotional connections often overlooked in our automated, tech-enabled world. Using proven motivational theory, behavioral economics and social psychology he has driven extraordinary company performance for his clients. Paul is widely considered an expert on motivation, incentives, and engagement.