What’s In The Top-Side Of Your Recruiting Funnel?

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Marketing is changing talent acquisition forever.

It wasn’t long ago that most Talent Acquisition leaders had a conceited belief that candidates wanted to come to work for their great organizations. All they had to do was develop and administer a process for those candidates to be processed, and that was great talent acquisition.  I could argue there are a ton of organizations being led by Talent Acquisition leaders who still believe this to be true.

We’re great. You would be lucky to work here. Jump through hoops, and show us how bad you really want to work here.

The top Talent Acquisition leaders in the game today have taken on an opposite approach and have really flipped TA on its head! The top organizations are now really working hard to let candidates know, “You’re great—we would be lucky to have you; please just give us a bit of information about yourself, and we’ll do the rest to show you how awesome it would be to work here.

Big difference, huh? Like night and day!

All of this changed because the best organizations opened up their recruiting funnel, especially on the top-side. Traditionally, a candidate didn’t become a candidate until they applied. That was your top-side of the funnel—applicants. Today, the top-side has expanded considerably on how we look at candidates.

There are three parts:

  1. Awareness. The entire universe of people who could be a candidate for your company. This isn’t the actual entire universe. If you’re a hospital, an auto mechanic would not be in your universe of candidates!
  2. Consideration. Those people in your candidate universe who would actually consider working for your organization.
  3. Interest. Those candidates who are actually willing to give you some piece of information that allows you to maintain contact with them, and share with them information about your organization and jobs.

Think of it this way. You don’t walk up to a stranger on the street and ask them to marry you. “Hey! You’re pretty! Let’s get hitched!” You would sound crazy. Yet, we do this with candidates. We go from meeting to marriage in a very quick period of time!

Opening up the top-side of your recruitment funnel allows you to meet the candidate. Get to know them, as friends. Start dating. Have that first kiss. Then pop the big question! Too often, candidates aren’t ready to get married, but as an organization, all we do is ask them to get married! Truth is, they might be willing to get married down the road—just not right now—but we blow them out of the water by asking too soon!

Recruitment marketing is about attraction, but it’s also about nurturing. None of us would marry a stranger. Why do we expect candidates to do the opposite?

Hat tip to Tracey Parson, Director of Recruitment Marketing Practice at Smashfly, for the marriage analogy. She shared it with me on the new Fistful of Talent Videocast coming later this month called SmashUps, where I’m interviewing the top Talent Acquisition minds in the world on all things Recruitment Marketing! Check us out!

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