Dawn Burke is telling you to Deliberately Disrupt Your Comfort Zone

Dawn Burke Dawn Burke, Worldwide FOT

“I gotta go through the fire and brace the flame, let it burn real deep to get over the pain, I gotta break through.  I gotta break through.”  —My girl, Mary J. Blige!

So, I did a speaking gig for #DisruptHR Chicago a few weeks ago.  A new speaking format where you get 5 minutes, the slides are on auto pilot and you just go.  No notes. Just go. And it was uncomfortable.  Which turned out to be a fabulous thing.

Getting out of your comfort zone is the same feeling as riding a roller coaster.  See, I’m scared of heights but I love me a roller coaster.  Although parts of it are unimaginable (am I really on a flying-train-car-mobile, without some sort containment?), I still feel supported.  And for all-intents-and purposes, am pretty sure I’m gonna make it through the ride (aka won’t die).

When the ride is over your adrenaline starts to drop, you exhale and start laughing really hard.  You made it.  And then you want to do it again.

This was the same Same with #DisruptHR Chicago.  I’m pretty good at public speaking, but this format was simply new.  When I stepped on stage in front of 250 folks doing this presentation for the first time, I wasn’t sure what the outcome would be.

When it was over and I didn’t die, and folks seemed to like it — I exhaled, laughed really hard and wanted to do it again.

So here are some of my thoughts on how to disrupt your comfort zone once you’ve ID’d your new challenge…

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