5 Things You Should Know This Week

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Rise and grind, FOT Nation! Welcome back to another awesome week with your favorite blogging team. Get your Monday started off with these 5 articles:

1.You now have to apply for 27 jobs just to get 1 interview: A recent survey found, among other surprising stats, that 73% of job applicants admitted to lying on their CVs and got away with it.

2. A Little-Known Fortune 100 Company Is Trying To Become A ‘Talent Factory’: A not-well-known company that’s nonetheless one of the U.S.’s largest, operating in 160 countries with about $47 billion in revenue, is trying to “transform the organization into a talent factory,” according to the talent-acquisition leader.

3. It’s Great That So Many Americans Are Quitting Their Jobs: It’s a sign of a stronger economy.

4. Ideo’s CEO On How To Lead An Organization Creatively: Creative leadership is the only way for businesses to thrive in the face of rapid change, Tim Brown argues. Here’s how to master it.

5. Google: Payday Loans Are Too Harmful to Advertise: The search engine’s new policy will hurt companies pitching high-interest loans, but how will it affect borrowers?

Have a great week!

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