Are We Still Posting Jobs In 2016?

Kelly Dingee Kelly Dingee, Sourcing, Uncategorized

It’s Sunday, and I’m writing another webinar on recruiting, sourcing and all that is wonderful in those worlds and all the wonder there could be. I’ve managed to keep it fun and light as we chat about recruiting in 2016 with references to Bowie and the Bionic Woman. One of the questions I’ve been asked to address is this idea of “the best places to post your positions online and off.”

Whoa. Who wrote that? Did they miss the part that I source? I like to find. I like tech. I want to geek out over a web scraper, not worry about where I should be posting jobs.

The answer is easy—everywhere. You put them everywhere. Depending on the position, you will certainly change your tactic. But here’s my philosophy: There is no clear definition of “how to job search.”

Many people will hop on Google and start from there. So you better be leveraging SEO, and if you’re not, you need to become buddies with marketing and get in that game. Job seekers will segueway from Glassdoor, and maybe wind up on LinkedIn. Some will head over to the job board that got them their last gig. Others will head to their network or social media of choice. Some might pick up the very thin employment section of their newspaper. Others will hear about opportunities on NPR. When I was in the trenches of an RPO, I did get tasked with hanging posters in libraries, grocery stores, and unemployment offices. That was not my favorite task, but it drove the point home—when it comes to posting, scorch the earth. Put them everywhere.

So with that idea in mind, when you post, you scorch the earth. I’m rolling out this concept of an Integrated Recruiting Plan. Before you can develop it, you need to take a deep look at what your team is doing now… a recruiting audit. And my recruiting audit may be different from yours. I want to look at where we source and where we post. I want to know how we engage with our candidates from beginning to end. I want to see every resource we use to search, find and post. Then I want a wish list of where we’d like to search, find and post.

Why? Why not just go with the flow? Why not just post in that high-traffic Facebook group and move on? I mean, everything you’re doing is working and working well. You find candidates and have great apply rates. But everything could be better. And as much as I like to serve jobs up on a silver platter, I certainly enjoy when unicorns knock on my door, as well.