Conceit Is The Downfall of Great Recruiting

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I think one of the worst things anyone can say about a person is that they are conceited in a negative way. Being labeled as conceited doesn’t go away easily. You can do hundreds of genuine things, and people will still remember the one conceited way you acted from five years ago!

Corporate talent acquisition has a major conceit problem around the world. 

That’s a harsh statement, but it’s mostly true. It’s the major reason candidate experience has become such a huge issue with so many organizations. We treated candidates like crap for so long, not because we didn’t know how to do it better, but because we were flat-out conceited!

Let me know if any of this sounds vaguely familiar:

– Behind locked doors in your corporate HR department, you talk about candidates like they’re second-class citizens.

– You love to share funny stories about how candidates failed in your process.

– You believe people in your city actually visit your career site frequently to look at your jobs.

– You’ve ignored candidates’ pleas for feedback and never responded.

– You could have made a candidate an offer on a Friday, but it was late, and it will wait until Monday.

– You ask an agency to help you with an opening and say it’s “911,” but when they send you resumes you wait days to respond, if at all.

– Your TA team doesn’t do any community outreach because it’s a pain in the ass, and you really don’t get any quality candidates from it.

Great recruiting organizations think about talent in a different way. Great recruiting organizations see talent as the life blood of their organization, and without it the organization will die. Those “pesky” candidates are all that is keeping the organization from failing.

Remember when you first fell in love? How hard you would work to get that person to notice you? How you worked to show that person the best side of you? Can you remember? It’s the power that love has over us.

Great recruiting organizations are trying to get candidates to fall in love with them. Fall in love with what they do, how they treat them, and where they can take the relationship.

Corporate Talent Acquisition has a major conceit problem today. You think you’re better then your candidates, and you treat them that way. You make them jump through hoops to show you that they love you. You ignore them, and wait to see if they’ll still come back for more. You treat them like every bad relationship you never wanted to be in.

Stop that.

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