5 Things You Should Know This Week

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Welcome back to another awesome week with your favorite blogging team at Fistful of Talent! Check out these 5 articles before you dive into that to-do list.

1. Facebook is at the forefront of a radical workplace shift — and every business in America should take notice: The company has cultivated a culture where it’s taboo not to take the full four months or for dads to take less than moms.

2. Drug Tests for the 1 Percent?: The poor must prove they’re clean before they can receive benefits from the government. Why not hold the rich to the same standard?

3. Develop A Process For Limiting Early New-Hire Turnover: Early new-hire turnover is one of the most frustrating (40 percent of new hires leave within six months) and expensive (the cost of losing a new hire is at least three times their salary) aspects of recruiting.

4. Chinese bank employees get spanked on stage for poor performance: According to a People’s Daily Facebook post, eight Rural Commercial Bank employees were on stage during a company event, and were punished by their bank manager for not “exceeding themselves.”

5. 4 Ways to Drive Engagement Using Instagram Captions: So, in light of Instagram’s latest algorithmic announcement, how can brands and Instagram account managers increase the likelihood that a heightened level of engagement regularly takes place?

Have a great Monday, FOT Nation!