5 Things You Need To Know This Week

Cara Lucas Cara Lucas, The HR Profession, This Week in HR

Welcome to another week with your favorite blogging team! Get your week started with these 5 must-read articles:

1. These Are Job Seekers’ Top 3 Priorities Right Now, According To LinkedIn: LinkedIn asked over 26,000 professionals what they look for most in an employer. This is what they said.

2. The Millennials Balancing Their Parents’ Job Searches With Their Own: Young adults have a reputation for leaning heavily on their mothers and fathers. For some families, though, the support flows the other way.

3. A UCLA psychiatrist has some counterintuitive advice for dealing with negative people — and it could change how you see the world: Before you try it, be forewarned: It might bring you to some surprising — and even counterintuitive — conclusions about your own behavior.

4. When Your Leader Is Struggling, Here’s What You Can Do: Managers are caught between the demands of their superiors and the needs of their employees.

5. The Brexit may not even ever happen: The United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the EU can’t happen until the country sends the EU an “Article 50 notification,” a formal announcement that it intends to withdraw.

Have a great Monday, FOT Nation!