I’m A Resume Hoarder – What To Do, What To Do?

Kelly Dingee Kelly Dingee, Recruiting, Resumes, Sourcing

I have a confession to make.  I’m a digital hoarder.  It’s bad—really bad.  Multiple repositories hold my stash, photos to documents spreadsheets filled with candidates sourced over the years.

I was horrified, almost to the point of nausea the other day, when chatting with a vendor who told me most companies purge their resumes after a set period of time.  Could be 6 months, could be a year, could be 4 years.  I have just virtually high-fived my admin who uploaded her 20,000 profile to our ATS, what a milestone! And to think that would be squashed.

Those resumes… those old profiles scraped from the interwebs… they’re gold to me. What isn’t a perfect fit now might be a fit several months or a year from now.  Conversations started shouldn’t be deleted with the click of a button.  And they’re money if you think about it.  Already found, already in our database.  If I can quickly extract them, re-profile, and contact… why, why, why would I even think about deleting them to re-harvest later on? Perhaps reverse logic is in order… if you want to hire a Director of Marketing, look for those who were a Marketing Manager 2-4 years back.  It’s a thought process of relying on what you have.

Time-consuming? Perhaps. Our biggest challenge right now is re-profiling candidates in our ATS that seem like the right fit.  There may be an answer. It may be Restless Bandit.  A fascinating company that will help you extract candidates successfully from your ATS via machine learning.  Brilliant in concept, I upload a req and it searches everyone in our ATS without me entering a single keyword.  Rediscovering talent (I’m paraphrasing their catch phrase).

Could it work? It might. I’m kind of surprised that none of the top-notch ATS systems out there have seized on to this technology, acquired it and integrated it into their offerings.  Seems like it would offer a unique twist on current ATS offerings.  A game changer, truly.  But instead, Restless Bandit is marketing to companies, engaging them in purchasing what is a product overlay for your ATS, at about the cost of a 10-hour part time employee barely earning minimum wage.  If the product saves 40-60 hours a month, and, more importantly, scores hires you might have missed, it could change your recruiting spend.

If you’re a digital hoarder like me, and purging resumes induces nausea, take the time to look at Restless Bandit.