Kris Dunn says SALES REP CAREER CHANGES: It’s a 3-D Target…

Kris Dunn Worldwide FOT

It’s the oldest game in the sales world.  A rep’s tired of their current environment from a sales perspective, and is wondering what the possibilities are for them to find not only another job – but to think about changing industries and their actual sales identity.

That’s dangerous, right?  After all, when you’ve built a sales career in a specific industry, you know how to sell – but – you’re always going to get your highest valuation and comp by staying true to the vertical that you have a proven track record in.

Still, some sales pros want to consider the big change.  When I hear that and I’m asked for counsel, I always focus on the fact that any big change in a sales career still has to match up with who the sales pro is.  In my view, it’s a 3-D target, with the following considerations:

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