Kris Dunn shares The Smartest “Hot Take” I’ve Read About the Microsoft Acquisition of LinkedIn…

Kris Dunn Kris Dunn, Worldwide FOT

Microsoft said last week that it would acquire LinkedIn in a $26.2 billion cash deal. The acquisition, by far the largest in Microsoft’s history, unites two companies in different businesses: one a big maker of software tools, the other the largest business-oriented social networking site, with more than 400 million members globally.

As you would expect, there’s been a lot of hot takes related to the reasons from the acquisition, the potential of the deal and what happens next.  See my postfor 3 ways Microsoft could change the corporate talent scene with LinkedIn by clicking here.  For the most part, everyone’s guessing about the impact and what’s next.

That’s why this post from John Sumser was my favorite take on the Microsoft/LinkedIn deal.  You can always count on John to get deeper than most observers.  Observe and learn:

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