The New School Podcast: Using Non-Traditional Recruiting Pools To Land Top Tech Talent

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Welcome to the first episode of The New School Podcast, featuring host, Tim Sackett!

In our first episode, Tim talks to Kris Dunn, CHRO at Kinetix, on hiring non-traditional candidates with nano-degrees, who are not necessarily “classically” trained, into top tech roles in today’s workplace.

Tim and Kris dive into the thought process of hiring managers who find themselves in this version of the corporate-university scenario. Are these candidates really educated or do they just know a couple of technical skills? Am I, as their manager, going to have to teach them everything else if I hire them? Can this former accountant really exceed expectations as a Java Developer?

Listen below to hear Tim and Kris talk shop on new-school recruiting trends and hiring from non-traditional recruiting pools like nano-degree holders.

It’s a good one!

FOT Note – “The New School Podcast” is a monthly podcast series sponsored by the good folks at Udacity. All we talk about on this podcast are topics related to recruiting the right tech talent for your company using both new- and old-school techniques.

Host: Tim Sackett

Guest: Kris Dunn

Producer: Kate Weimer

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