3 Criteria You’re Missing from Your IT Job Postings

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Crafting a good job posting is at the core of a successful recruitment process. Still, most organizations virtually ignore it when it comes to understanding the reasoning of why their process is failing.  The normal mode of operation in crafting your job posting goes something like this:

  • Ask hiring manager to send you something about what the job they are hiring.
  • You wait, usually getting nothing from the hiring manager, or a quick reply with a ten-year-old JD that still has “Cobol” under the required skills, or if you’re lucky, the hiring manager spent ten seconds on Google copying and pasting something from your competitor’s website!
  • You are then on your own, which usually entails you cutting and pasting a bunch of stuff together, none of which sounds like your organization, the position you’re hiring for, or your hiring manager.

Sound familiar?

Most organizations today still do this little job posting dance. Even though we all know it sucks and candidates wish they could have something better. The way forward is to have quick face-to-face intake meetings with your hiring managers for every position (yes! every position!). At these meetings you will interview the hiring manager around these three criteria:

  1. Curiosity.What is it about this role, our organization, your department, and you, that would make a talented individual want to come and work here? How will this candidate contribute the success of the organization? How has the candidate already demonstrated this from a skill standpoint?
  2. Commitment to Professional Development.What kind of professional development will you, and the organization, be able to provide this candidate? How is this different from anywhere else they might choose to work? What kinds of professional development do the best candidates share that we’ve hired in the past?
  3. Diverse Perspectives.Let’s face it, IT in most organizations is male and a combination of Asian and White. So, diversity of perspective might be the only diversity you can offer.  How is your department different, or if it’s not, how are you hoping to expand our perspective by hiring in this position? Give specific examples of how diverse perspectives are valued in this department and role.

With this information, writing the job posting becomes a rather straightforward task of highlighting all of these great things, adding some preferred and required skills, and giving some real insight in your culture and values.  Writing isn’t an easy task for everyone, so find folks on your team who really like it – who love being creative.

I’ve found at every stop in my career, you have closet writers in your midst you never knew! Don’t worry about what title, just find someone who thinks this is fun! Many will not. I don’t care if Mandy in Payroll is  the person writing these. If Mandy will own it, and loves it, she’s the one! Treat it as a developmental project for her career.

Hiring IT pros is super tough right now. Trying to hire with JDs and postings that seem like they were written in the 1980’s will make your job even harder! Don’t let your hiring managers off the hook, but let’s try and make it an easy process for them to give you what you need!

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