3 Key Components Positioning Your Sourcing Team for Success

Kelly Dingee Kelly Dingee, Sourcing, Training and Development

My last day at Staffing Advisors was July 22nd.  I did a record notice – for me at least- nearly 4 weeks from the time I notified my boss to officially stepping out the virtual office door.  At first, 4 weeks…that sounds overwhelming.  Turns out, when it comes to sourcing, you need every second.

4 weeks later, I have very successfully replaced myself.  Sort of unnerving when you’re starting a new gig, but I’m so proud of the people who are taking my place and how they just “get it”.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had that moment, and when you do have it, well it’s just really amazing to know that the people taking your place have the same passion and commitment to your company and clients.

How did we manage this transition? 3 key components:

–By the book.  Truly! It was necessary to create a 70 page book documenting processes and tools used by our company and throwing in some basic sourcing info.  Thank goodness I spent time at this company, where I was extremely well trained in creating a really good training manual!  Every company is different, and every user manages their tools slightly differently.  My brain and sourcing process is now officially documented for all to see, and hopefully in a few months, shred and replace with their own improved processes.

–Training.  In person, via webex, via conference call, even via Evernote.  We did a lot of formalized training and many jam sessions.  Just throwing out scenarios, running searches, processing through the tools.  All of it extremely helpful and even creating further documentation.  We communicated, a lot, and on various mediums.  That communication and unending accessibility made all the difference in the new team feeling confident taking over the sourcing work.  

–Recommended training for the ins and outs of sourcing.  It’s overwhelming to train the team on tools and add on sourcing basics.  We did cover it all and they’re incredibly capable of running a mean Xray to extract the candidates they need.  But they will need more and, in particular, from a different point of view.  My way of working certainly suits me but not necessarily everyone.  There are a slew of businesses and individuals that offer sourcing training. For a small team that needs flexibility and an excellent price point, I am referring them to the People Sourcing Certification Program (Suzy Tonini -someone I think is a sourcing guru – endorses)  and Social Talent (rave review from fellow FOT’er Tim Sackett).  I think either program will meet all of their training needs, allow for them to train online at their convenience and get great customer support.

Now I’m off on a new career adventure. Where you ask? Check my LinkedIn profile later this week and you’ll see I’ve ended up at one of my favorite companies.