5 FOT Reads To Start Your Week

Kris Dunn Uncategorized

It’s hot.  So are these reads:

  1. The ‘Uberization’ Of Recruitment: What You Need To Know – What’s most interesting is that 60% of these people have made the decision to work freelance by choice and not out of necessity. This particular statistic should give recruiters a lot of food for thought. Is the ‘Uberization’ of recruitment on the horizon? Will hiring staff eventually become an exercise whereby you open up an app and ‘order’ a permanent staff member for your organization?
  2. Five Reasons Women Need To Talk More Openly About What They Earn – We need to get more comfortable talking with each other about money than earlier generations often were. After all, boosting you up is exactly what your squad is for.
  3. Pokémon Go adds $9B to Nintendo’s value, global rollout continues this week – Nintendo rode the Pokémon Go wave that enveloped countries where it’s currently available this past weekend: The company’s stock price surged, raising its total market cap to $28 billion as of close of trading on the Tokyo Stock Exchange today.
  4. Facebook changes policy on graphic video for Facebook Live –  It has been used to remove inappropriate posts due to nudity, hate speech or graphic content in the past. But the social media giant announced late last week that it would allow users to share graphic or violent videos or images — but only under certain circumstances.
  5. How I’ve Trained Myself To Avoid Making Excuses – Ultimately, embracing radical responsibility is all about building these habits and relationships over time. But as you do, you’ll become better at noticing blind spots you otherwise would have missed. And you’ll be taking ownership over your work—and life—in a whole new way.

Have a great week!