5 FOT Reads For This Week (Don’t Pokemon Go Me Version)

Kris Dunn FOT Reads

What up FOT Nation? Here are your reads for this week, just in time to serve as a break from your crushing Monday start.

Not going to lie. Saw a lady with her head down this weekend at the gym playing Pokemon Go.  Actually wondered if I could be blamed for running her over if her “heads down” approach lead her onto the track where I was running.

They’d never convict me, people.  Here’s your fresh reads…

  1. Verizon buys Yahoo for $4.83 billion – Yahoo’s 22-year run as an independent company is over, marking the end of an era for one of the earliest web giants — and one of the few to maintain some level of relevance as the internet evolved. Verizon acquired Yahoo’s core business on Monday for $4.83 billion, the culmination of months of speculation about the future of the web company.
  2. The 4 Metrics You Must Track (And What To Do With Them) – Historically, human resources hasn’t exactly been high on the list of departments that make use of metrics. But in an age where we have more access to data than ever, there’s no reason it should stay that way. If we in the HR world truly want to create stronger, more productive organizations, it’s time we become metrics evangelists as well.
  3. Nintendo shares plummet after investors realize it doesn’t actually make Pokémon Go – Nintendo put out a statement after the close of trading on Friday pointing out that the bottom-line impact will be “limited” as it only owns 32 percent of The Pokémon Company, and that revenue from the game and its Pokémon Go Plus smartwatch peripheral have been accounted for in the company’s current forecasts.
  4. Four Reasons You Can’t Find A Good Mentor – Struggling to find a good mentor? Maybe your expectations need to be realigned. Read this, and stop looking for a mentor in the wrong places.
  5. Three Secrets Of The Most Well-Liked Speakers – Preparing for a talk? You’re probably brushing up on your material, making sure you’ve got a great opening and closing planned, and practicing your pacing. And that’s all great. But one thing few of us step back and think about is whether our audience will actually like us.

Have a great week.  Heads up if you’re using Pokemon Go at the gym.