Dawn Burke Says All Your “Proactive” HR Talk is Garbage

Kris Dunn Dawn Burke, Organizational Development, Talent Strategy

Says the Bard known as Dawn H. Burke:

“I have yet to see a proactive strategy actually work within 6 weeks of implementing it.  Why? Because at the end of the day, human emotion doesn’t follow any typical or predictable pattern you can trend forward. Do financial markets follow trends, yes. Your competition, yes.  How people buy your product, yes.  But what is going to piss off an employee royally, no.  Who unexpectedly (yet joyfully) gets pregnant and decides to move 5 states away to be closer to family, no.  Who’s gets diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer and must understandably take FMLA leave, no.

Also, if you are an HR team who doesn’t have, doesn’t want, or doesn’t know how to get strategic talent management information funneled to you before the rest of the company — then you better tie up those two Adidas (you know , the “other shoes” that dropped a month back) and start running after the problems.”

Dawn Burke thinks all the talk about being proactive in HR is cute.  Misguided, but cute.  Or kinda sorry.

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