Your Recruiting Video Sucks!

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If I’ve learned anything, anything at all, in my career in HR and Talent Acquisition it’s that HR and TA pros usually suck at being creative! The problem is, they think they’re REALLY creative! You’re not. Stop it.

Here’s the main the problem, it’s not that you actually aren’t creative in real life, it’s that your need to be both ‘professional’ and ‘creative’ comes across as super lame! No one wants to see ‘professional’ and ‘creative’. It’s incredibly difficult to be both at the same time. Big brands spend millions of dollars on agencies to help them with this, and your budget is a few hundred!

Don’t worry, though, FOT is all about budgets in the hundreds and thousands, we wouldn’t even know what to do with millions!

Most organizations decide to skip recruiting videos because of this professional/creativity issue/budget issues. That’s a huge mistake! Short range video, 1-3 minutes long, is the most consumed type of content on the market today and growing at an exponential rate! Basically, if you’re not using video, you’re not even in the game!

So, what should you do?

That’s easy! Make a recruitment video, stupid! You’ve got a smartphone. Pull up the camera. Push the record button. Try and not make it look like a terrorist hostage video!

Okay, here are some tips to help you out, plus check out Smashfly’s How to Make a Better Recruitment Video Guide:

1. It doesn’t have to be funny, but it helps! Most HR folks aren’t funny by nature. We like rules and process, it’s just who we are. But, you have funny folks who work for you. Find them, ask for help, let them get a bit edgy. The key is to be funny without making fun of others.

2. Speak from the heart! Don’t use scripts, because it sounds like you are using scripts. At a high-level talk about themes you want to get across, but then just let it flow. You’re talking for a few minutes. If you screw up. Push stop and start again. Don’t over think this!

3. It’s harder than you think to be concise! K.I.S.S. – Keep It Short Stupid! No one wants to watch your recruitment video for five to ten minutes. You get like 90 seconds. The hardest part of great recruitment videos is keeping it short! I made my wife dance with me at our wedding for an entire song, when she just wanted part of the song. It was four minutes. It seemed like an eternity! She uses this example on me every single time I question anything she’s is doing!

4. Be You! Most organizations fail in their recruitment video because they try to be something they’re not. I get it. They want to portray an idea, something they’re moving towards, but the reality doesn’t live up to this.  Candidates want transparency. They want the truth.

The best thing about short range video is it’s quick and simple and doesn’t cost a ton. So, you can put something up and take it down within minutes, hours, days. You can test out stuff, and you can have fun with it. The first step is to actually do it!

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