High Fiving LinkedIn…Not For Sourcing This Time…

Kelly Dingee Kelly Dingee, Uncategorized

So I’m a newbie.  After 6 years at a retained search firm, I’ve moved on to a corporate Talent Acquisition role.

And some stuff is standard, orientation and what not.  What is definitely not is the virtual high fives and congrats I’m getting on LinkedIn.

Definitely a slew from people I don’t know. I’m big on connecting and growing my network, so I love that all of these people I’m virtually acquainted with took a minute out of their day to say congrats.  It’s kind.

Then, there’s the industry friends that I’ve caught off guard by leaving what I referred to so often as “the perfect job”.  And they are hugely supportive.

I also heard from the recruiter that pinged me months ago about a job, one that never came to fruition, but got me thinking about my career, where I was and where I wanted to be.  She’s so gracious, always going to enjoy hearing from her.  I was kind of ghosted on that one, but I’m willing to let bygones be bygones.

Then, there are all the people from my TTC (it’s now Viavi) days.  My first really big corporate HR job.  I got to do it all there and we were family, dysfunctional at times, but oh my – they were awesome and all hold a special place in my memory.  They saw me through pivotal moments in my personal life (2 babies!) and professional (international HR got me started in the sourcing profession).  It means so much to hear from each and every one of them.  And they are such a critical reminder that I can do this transition from virtual office to corporate office, I’ve been here before.

And just when I think my heart has grown ten times because of my TTCers, I hear from my intern supervisor.  Yeah, you got it.  The gal who helped start it all when I did an unpaid HR internship at Grolier twenty-four (yes that’s 2-4) years ago.  She’s always been in HR in large brands.  Oh my.  That rocks!  

LinkedIn, I’m having a “heart you” moment.  I enjoy sourcing from your site, can do it blindfolded and have reaped the many benefits of growing a network.  But this….this engagement.  It’s priceless and reminds me of what we are really doing in a “social” network.  Being social, tripping down the virtual hall to say hello, congratulate, commiserate.

There’s more for you LinkedIn.  Harness this…get the social part right….and you’ll get the haters to return.

**And now that I’m a part of a big brand, know that all that I write for FOT is my own opinion only.