Spice It Up: Attract Better Candidates With Your LinkedIn Profile

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Do you like cheese dip? I like cheese dip. Actually, Liz loves cheese dip—specifically with jalapeños.

Why? Because I don’t like boring, and neither do top-tier candidates who are looking to take their career up a few notches. They like it hot.

By “hot” I mean candidates look for the following when they’re researching your company:

  • Souped up social media accounts that are active daily
  • Really cool branding that’s like… whoa, dude, what is this place?!
  • Content rich website, featuring blogs, videos, and stories from the people themselves
  • Interesting employees who are engaging with coworkers, clients, and followers on social—and they share content worth reading almost every day

That’s a nice list, right? But there’s one of those that’s the ultimate bullets of all bullets—can you guess which one?

If you guessed bullet número dos, you guessed right.


Branding is the star of the show, the voice of the nations, and the window to the souls of your organization and the people who make it warm.

But you’re probably thinking, “All of those other bullets are important, too, if not more important.”

I see what you’re saying, and there’s truth to that… but soak on this: What good is your website and social accounts if there are no visually differentiating factors that define who your company is and what it stands for? What makes your Twitter egg profile picture different from the next Twitter egg profile picture? What’s a name without a face?

How do you stand out as Pam in a world full of PAMS?!

I feel like I’ve fully made my point, so moving on… think about your LinkedIn profile. Imagine it as you read this and answer these questions:

  • Does your company have a solid branding strategy across social media outlets?
  • Does everyone from your company who is on LinkedIn have the same profile picture that is so on-brand that someone could instantly recognize who you’re repping based on the picture?
  • Do you have a striking LinkedIn profile banner that’s company branded? Or is it just the default blue gradient image?
  • Is the tagline under your name representative of what skills you bring to the table? Or is it just your job title that no one really knows what it means?
  • How’s your summary? Do you even have one? Air hug if you do.

Here’s an example of what our branded profiles look like here at Kinetix from our CHRO, Kris Dunn (aka—KD):


We have candidates and clients who tell us all the time it was our awesome branding on social and our website that was so “fun, energetic, unique,” and “unlike anything I’ve ever seen in recruiting” that captivated them enough to reach out to work with us.

Simply said, it makes more of an impact that you think.

Here’s how you can boost your brand and start catching better candidates:

  1. Headshots—is there a cool colored wall or interesting background to take employee headshots in front of? Use a professional camera you use around the office to take them, and buy a starter lighting kit to really make them pop.
  2. Banner—Do you have a designer on the squad? Ask them to whip up a banner that bleeds the brand and sends the message of what you do in a visually stimulating way.
  3. Tagline—Ok look… “Senior Recruiting Manager Consultant Ops” isn’t going to cut it. Neither is any other run-of-the-mill title. Let’s say you’re a ”Recruiter”, but what does that mean? What do you actually do? Instead of just using your position, include a skill you use in your job daily and throw in something personal.
    Example: Relational Recruiter | Talent Scout | No Search Too Difficult | Fitness Junkie
  4. Summary—You should at least have something in this section! Take KD’s summary as a prime example (image above). It’s captivating and not full of the usual buzzwords on every other professional in Corporate America’s profile.

See what I mean? Keep it spicy. Spicy is good. I’m getting Mexican tonight.