The New First Rule of Recruiting

Kelly Dingee Kelly Dingee, Uncategorized

Be Kind.

That’s it, that’s all.

What’s kindness in recruiting?

Be responsive.  With candidates, with the unknown.  Since I’ve changed jobs, I’ve acquired a few pen-pals.  Some of them are unknown, some of them I’ve encountered briefly in my professional career, and a few in my personal life.  It takes a minute to respond to an inmail or email.  And those creative enough to find out my direct line? I appreciate your savvy and will chat, for a few.

Treat everyone respectfully.  That savvy for finding my direct dial number on my second day of work (honestly, I didn’t even know it at that point!), I really like that.  The call? From a third party recruiter I’ve never met.  I did take the time to get back to him, and I daresay he was shocked.  I guess I’m an anomaly that I’ll be kind to TPR.  Why wouldn’t I be? If I haven’t said it enough by now, the recruiting world is a small world in many aspects, you never know when you’ll need someone to answer your call.

And hand in hand with respect is to kick the social media shaming, of candidates, of hiring managers, of people in general.  It’s one thing to have a conversation amongst confidants or peers or whomever about your most current issue.  But taking people to task online? Not cool.  Sometimes if you don’t have anything nice to type, you shouldn’t type anything at all.  Cool off for 24 hours and revisit your planned post.

No ghosting.  Oh my gosh, I’ve been ghosted.   And that’s not how I want people to remember their interactions with me or my company.  Unfortunately, I do remember vividly a couple of hiring managers that ghosted me.  You only get that chance once.  And I think most people react that way, that’s a big no-no in recruiting.

What’s the cost of kindness? Responsiveness? Respect? Time. Seconds, maybe minutes.  But in recruiting, I would prefer to leave the impression of being an angel than an asshat.  Consider that as you see the messages roll in, or the calls build.  Block a half hour to respond.  At the very least, consider it an opportunity to pay it forward and model the recruiting behavior we all wish to experience.