Candidate Referrals – The New Side Hustle?

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Have you heard of Indeed Crowd? I had not until last week, when stumbled upon it during my weekly rabbit hole of consuming industry news. Basically, Indeed Crowd is crowdsourced recruiting platform where anyone can refer candidates to fill open roles supplied by other Indeed clients. In return, Indeed provides some cash money (up to $5K in some instances!) if the candidate submitted gets hired. The platform is still in beta, and I couldn’t find any indication on their site on when they’ll fully go-live, but I’m intrigued by the concept and am excited to see it take shape.

What I’m Intrigued About

  • The gig economy is (has) been taking off for some time and a big player in the space is hoping on the train. Recruiters/sourcers/or anyone with a mastery of deep search and networking can start earning extra money sourcing in their spare time. If Indeed is successful, or if another HR Tech company cracks this concept, this will allow companies to shave off head count from their team and allow (or maybe even force) recruiters/sourcers to supplement their incomes elsewhere.
  • The concept of “keep warm” in your funnel management practice may get replaced by the concept of “get me paid today.” If a platform like Indeed Crowd takes off, recruiting shops will need to take a hard look at their data policies and ensure their leads and silver medalists aren’t being served up to third parties by their teams. This shift may ultimately pose downstream impact on some CRM work companies may already have in play.
  • This little bit of text is directly from Indeed Crowd’s site: Help companies with their urgent hiring needs by nominating your existing contacts or colleagues, source new candidates from your social networks like LinkedIn or search over 31+ million resumes on Indeed. While most of this is standard, the colleagues part jumps out at me. People talk at work. I know exactly who is happy and who’s not among my peers and direct team, and what most of them want to do long term (and it’s not what they are doing today). Indeed thinks you should capitalize off that knowledge!

How the Platform Works

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Getting started is easy, all you need to do is sign up, verify your email, and they you’ll be granted access to the backend dashboard.


Once inside the platform, you’ll see a list of current openings from companies that seeking referrals and the reward amount that will be paid right away if your candidate is hired.


You can drill into the listed jobs, review the requirements and quickly serve up referrals using a simple form.


After your candidate is submitted, they will receive an email to apply, will be vetted by an Indeed recruiter and then move through the evaluation process.


You’ll be able to track the status of your candidates from your dashboard and will be contacted to complete a W-9 and ACH form if your submission is hired and receive payment within two weeks.


Get the full rundown over on Indeed Crowd’s FAQ page here.

So, FOT Nation, what’s your take? Is Indeed Crowd a grand slam or sure to fizzle?