Need Ideas for Our Holiday Book at Kinetix…

Kris Dunn Uncategorized

The holidays are right around the corner and our gift wrapping supplies are set—all of this can only mean one thing: it’s time find ideas for our annual holiday book at my company – Kinetix.

Annual Holiday Wha…?

Our annual holiday book! If you’ve known us for a few years, you know what I’m talking about. If you’re new to the Kinetix flavor, let me fill you in. Every year around the holidays, as cookies and swag gifts begin piling through the door, we do a holiday book for friends, families and clients.

But these are no ordinary books. These books have spunk. We’re talking titles like Fahrenheit 451, The Fountainhead, JPod, The Alchemist and, most recently, Company

With such a diverse collection, you may be wondering what all these books DO have in common. If you haven’t figured it out, there is one common trait: all of these books get you to think about talent in a different way. They encourage you to be better by opening your worldview to all the different ways we can perceive talent within and around us. And, honestly, what better way is there to finish the year off and kickstart a new one?

In the past, our best books have been suggested by Kinetix outsiders—friends of friends, clients, vendors. But whether you proudly wear a Kinetix badge or not, we want you hear what books you’ve been reading that have given you a new perspective on talent!

There’s just two guidelines for book recommendations:

  1. It has to make you think about talent. Because that’s what we do.
  2. We don’t want best sellers. Maybe you read The Girl on the Train this year and thought about how it breaks down the walls of what we think we know. Valid point, but at Kinetix we like to break the mold. Your recommendation CAN have been on the bestseller list in years past, but if it’s a book everyone has read this year, we’ll pass it over.

That’s it—follow those two guidelines and your recommendation just may end up going out to hundreds of people.

Hit me in the comments below with your good reads or shoot an email to our book coordinator Kate Weimer at if you want a bit more confidentiality.