Snapchat, Mug Shots, & Brand Ambassadors

Holland Dombeck McCue Brand Ambassadors, Holland Dombeck, Recruitment Marketing

A 19-year-old Texas A&M University student hit a police car while sending a selfie of herself to her boyfriend on Snapchat.

Yikes. Enjoy that phone call to mom and dad.

Luckily, no one was hurt. Except for the teen’s ego, I’m sure, after the Bryan Police Department decided to make an example out of her and tweet her mug shot alongside the scene of the crime. (email subscribers may need to click through to view)


Stories like this make me cringe. Texting/reading/using social while driving is simply not safe. When I’m in the car with a distracted driver, I tense up and wonder when the world’s savior Elon Musk is going to do something about it.

Like most of you, my team is hard at work pulling together our strategic focus for 2017 before the annual dark period between Thanksgiving through MLK Day. One area that we’ve chosen to focus on is brand ambassadorship, which, for the purposes of safer roads, has a lot more packed into it than snapping.

Brand ambassadors represent your company’s brand in a positive light. While social can be one avenue to execute, it’s not the only area that we’ll be focusing on.

Every step, every player.

Our end-to-end recruiting process has seven defined steps from posting through offer, with several handoffs and key players responsible for presenting our brand in a desirable light. My team will be mapping a branded experience against this process in 2017 and defining what brand ambassadorship looks like at each step – recruiters vs. coordinators vs. hiring managers, etc. From there, we’ll be arming each point of delivery with content, talking points, and desired behaviors, to ensure we’re in control of our message and that it’s being delivered at the the right time, using the right voice.

Technology as a brand ambassador.

While ambassadors are often thought of as people, automation plays a significant role in the delivery of your brand. Correspondences through an ATS and CRM are typically formatted to appear to be as coming from an actual person, and therefore are being considered as part of our ambassadorship program. Communications from these channels are not just about creation and distribution, but instead, should focus on relevance and consistency of message to retain the interest of a given audience and ultimately drive continued action in the recruiting process.

While we’re not saving the world like Elon, we are making strides to make our world a better and branded place. More to come on our progress in 2017!