10 HR Recommendations for 2017

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RJ set me up nice last week with his post on questions to ask before looking for a new HR gig.  And he’ll be pleased to know at least 5 people read his blog, as hrQ has 5 fabulous new resumes!

For the rest of you who are either happy, or on the fence yet motivated because it’s the start of a new year, I have some HR recommendations that will help you thrive in your HR role.

Recommendations, not resolutions.

Resolutions are those things people make so they have something to talk about.  In January.  At the gym.

Recommendations are things you should do.  Because I said so (she said in her best “mom” voice).

10.  Stop saying “strategic”.  Ok. Ok.  I know this is going to be really tough for some of you, so you have 3 more times to say it in 2017 – then stop.  Please.

9.  Update your Linkedin profile picture.  For those who think their pic from 15 years ago is fooling anyone, think again.  Plus, you’ll get a dopamine shot with all the “likes” and comments from people you don’t know.

8.  Attend 1 event each month.  Notice I didn’t say “HR” event.  Broaden your network – which is why you should attend events to start with.  It’s ok to hit up your local SHRM meeting if you must, but you should also be rubbing elbows with C-suite folks and peeps in the HR professional services industry.

7.  Have a voice.  Write a blog.  Answer a question on Quora.  Raise your hand in a meeting.  Educate yourself about your company and speak up.

6.  Put down your phone.  Talk to people while you’re waiting in line.  Observe what’s going on around you.  Start to build a relationship with someone you don’t know while waiting for a meeting to begin. Walk the hallways with your eyes up and ears open.

5.  Read.  And yes, something other than your Facebook feed.  Follow and read about companies doing innovative HR stuff.  Find a few blogs to inspire you.  Pick a topic (workforce analytics, anyone??) and Google it at least once a week.

4.  Write important s$it down.  Like goals.  Like what means a lot to you.  Like HR priorities and accomplishments.  Then do #5 again and hold yourself accountable.

3.  Be proud of your profession.  Have pride in what you do and talk about it.  You’re doing important work around talent, branding, analytics, leadership – the future of HR.  Go speak.  Plug your company AND your profession.  Which leads me to #2.

2.  Build your brand.  I don’t care if you love your job, you should always always be building your personal brand.  One of the best ways to do that is to be active in your HR community – both on and offline.  Speak, write, contribute – and be mindful of your fierce social media comments.

1.  Keep reading FOT.  Come on.  That was a lay-up waiting to happen!

These 10 “recommendations” are doable.  Some you can knock out this week, others just require focus and the occasional reminder (PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE).  And come on…you’ve got a whole year to get them done.

And who knows, maybe you’ll feel inspired to tell other HR folks what you’re doing.  At the gym.  In February!