You source? You recruit? You should listen to THIS podcast.

Kelly Dingee Kelly Dingee, Podcast, Sourcing

This is my new favorite podcast….AirSource. Featuring the one and only Katharine Robinson, a legendary sourcer, trainer and of course notable SourceCon Grandmaster. Killing it with a British accent and an NPR-like (think BBC Hour) delivery, Katharine’s new podcast brings to light the new and notable regarding sourcing and the tools used. Light, yet knowledgeable, AirSource provides tips like saving your Viadeo contacts as they’re about to enter receivership. And introducing listeners who may not have heard of him to Dean DaCosta.

AirSourceThe prime feature of the inaugural podcast highlights a new product offering from Irina Shamaeva, called Social List. It delves into social sites, and in particular with LinkedIn, delves into the LinkedIn taglines. That is something you can’t do with LinkedIn’s current search functionality. If you want in on the beta of Social List, and I assure you…you do….you’ll visit AirSource for the link.

Are you in a non-profit? Hone in on Katharine’s announcement regarding May 11th – it will be a day of AirSource radio and there will be a charity source-a-thon. A roomful of experts focused on sourcing for charity.

Now the one thing….the one thing that is not so great about this podcast? It’s only once a month, on the second Thursday. We’ll have to treat it like Serial….and wait for the next installment.