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What I Love About Recruiting – A Valentine’s Day Poem

Tim Sackett Recruiting, Tim Sackett

I got into recruiting because I wanted to help people. You gave me that recruiting.

I stayed in recruiting because I wanted to buy a big house. You gave me that recruiting.

I love recruiting not because it allows me to help people and buy big houses,

I love recruiting because it connects me with people.


All kinds of people. Nice people. Appreciative people. Smart people. Funny people.

Great people. Powerful people. Creative people. People from afar. People from all demographics.

People who don’t show up for an interview, even after they promised you they would.

People who tell you they need $50K, but then after nailing the interview, now say $75K.

People who show up to work smelling like just came from the bar and haven’t showered in days.

People who tell me I suck because I’ve called, emailed, texted, Tweeted, Snapped, and FB messaged them,

In the attempt to offer them their dream job, or at least a job that will make me a ton of money.


I love you recruiting because you give me endless stories to tell my friends and family,

as I drink another bottle of gin fingers-crossed hoping the candidate will show up to work tomorrow.

Oh, recruiting, you are like that beautiful mistress who tells me I can have everything,

then calls my wife and makes a backdoor deal to empty my bank account.


So, on this Valentine’s Day, Recruiting, I say I love you. Not because you are good and just, 

but because you are the only skill I have that allows me to live an upper-middle class lifestyle and not to work

a full 40 hours per week.