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Healthcare Recruiting Is Getting Ready to Fall Off a Cliff!

Tim Sackett Recruiting, Smashfly, Tim Sackett

It seems like Healthcare recruiting has been in trouble forever. The great recession helped us forget about it for a long while, but as unemployment numbers continue to drop to historic lows, healthcare recruiting is becoming a full-blown crisis!

Check out some of these numbers from a recent SmashFly study:

  • 439,000 new nursing jobs will be created by 2024
  • 700,000 nurses will retire by 2024
  • That means we need to ‘grow’ 1.1 million nurses in four years!

That won’t happen! Can’t happen! It’s impossible! The sky is falling, run!

I’m only half joking. The reason we can’t ‘grow’ more nurses is colleges and universities need experienced nursing educators to put more nurses through nursing programs. Guess what the demographic of nursing educators looks like!? Yep – it’s older than the normal nursing population who is already retiring in mass each year!

We like to talk about the problems in nursing because the numbers are big and provide sexy content, but all healthcare recruiting has a problem – doctors, physical therapist, pharmacists, basically any kind of licensed healthcare professional is in drastic need and getting worse!

So, what can you do to help your healthcare organization as a TA leader? Healthcare organizations have historically been very conservative when it comes to HR and Recruiting. You need to stop this ASAP and become progressive!

Invest in building an employer brand that kills your competition. Yeah, you might be nonprofit, but nonprofit doesn’t mean you lay down and let your competition get all the talent in your area. Do not do this yourself! Hire professionals. This is not the time for the amateur hour with your employment brand!

Build the most dynamic TA Tech Stack on the planet. Think Google level, but for Healthcare! If any TA Tech company tells you they ‘specialize’ in Healthcare recruiting, RUN the other way! You don’t want to do what other healthcare companies are doing. You want to do what the most INNOVATIVE recruiting teams on the planet are doing. That’s not healthcare!

Build a recruiting team of hunters, not farmers. Activity-based machines, you get paid for performance, not fat-happy salaries. I’m talking triage crisis code-blue mode level killers (I don’t even know what that means but it sounds exciting!).

You need to build a recruiting organization that never sleeps. Just like your hospitals, you need to be running 24/7. That takes technology and it takes change.  Most of your current team is not ready for this level of change. Sorry, you’re going to leave some bodies along the way.

In most healthcare organizations the doctors are God. In the next few years, the TA leaders might become slightly more important than the doctors! You need talent. No one has a magic pill for you. This is that hard work PTs make you go through after surgery! Get ready for a little bit of that ‘good’ pain!

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