The 5 Components Your Monthly Communications to ATS Candidate Pools Should Have

Kate Weimer Email, Kate Weimer, Recruitment Marketing

Even though social media is where everyone in the marketing space (including recruitment marketing) loves to focus their attention these days, the more traditional email campaign is a long ways away from laying six feet under. In fact, you’d be foolish not to incorporate some type of email campaigning into your recruitment marketing strategy.

Therefore, one of the must-haves for your applicant tracking system is the capability for you to create email campaigns to send to candidates. At the very least, your ATS should have the ability to export your candidates’ names and emails into an .xml file (which can then be uploaded into an email campaign platform).

But just being able to reach your candidates’ inboxes is one thing—sending them the right kind of messaging is a whole other.

In order to ensure you’re making the most of your email campaigns, here are the 5 things you should be including in your email messaging that goes out to candidates on a monthly average basis:

1. A graphical header that puts your brand front and center. The first thing you need to do is catch a candidate’s eye, and the best way to do this is with a banner image at the top of your email that has the logo of your company. Go the extra mile and even create a composite image featuring your logo surrounded by pictures of your people. Just make sure it looks good and that it’s immediately clear to the candidate who is reaching out to them.

2. Greeting paragraph. No email would be complete without some kind of text, so each of your email campaigns to your candidates needs to have a paragraph or two of text, reminding them of why they’re receiving the email. You can even tap into your customer service rep side and thank them for being a valued candidate. Here’s the trick though: you need enough text that you can state the purpose of the email and any exciting things going on with your employees, but it has to be short enough that candidates can quickly scan it and won’t immediately delete your email because they don’t have time to read your ramblings. Find your balance, grasshopper.

3. Jobs! The no-brainer component. However much you put into your recruitment marketing strategy, it all comes back to one thing: filling your recruiting funnel. After a short greeting to your candidates, it’s time to get to business. This should be a section that is set apart from the rest of the email with obvious and simple language. Don’t try and list out every single opening you have—pick one featured job and present the position title, followed by a hyperlinked “Apply Here” text or button. If you’re using good software, you’ll even be able to tell how many clicks to that hyperlink you get.

4. Stories of your people on your careers site. Time to bring out the employer brand! If you’re doing what you should in terms of getting your employer brand out there, your careers site should feature stories of your employees. Whether they’re videos or written blog posts, you definitely want to be linking these items into your email campaigns. Share the cover photos and titles, and link directly into the blog posts or videos so candidates getting the email can view them. This is just one more way to repurpose your awesome careers-focused content.

5. A little bit of flavor. There’s gotta be a wild card, right? This could be a multitude of things—some of the ones we’ve used before include: awards the team has received, tidbits about the city the company is based in, general career advice. Essentially, it’s a final piece of the email that can engage the candidate on a level separate from you selling a job, so get creative!

There’s plenty of different ways that you can bend the rules of the above items, but at your email campaigns’ hearts should be each of these message components.